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Lanai Experiences

Lanai Experiences

Lanai Weddings

Imagine your own secluded island. Envision saying your vows as gentle trade winds blow off of Hulopoe Bay. Picture an intimate ceremony under the stars in the cool uplands of Central Lanai, shared with the ones you love. Through the luxury and impeccable service of its world-class resorts, Lanai provides an idyllic setting to take your first steps into a richer world.

Family Fun on Lanai

Lanai is a 141-square-mile playground for kids and adults alike. Here you’ll find a variety of activities to share with your entire family. Spend the days lazily exploring the island’s rustic back roads and sun-soaked beaches. Have a picnic in Dole Park in the middle of Lanai City. Go for a horseback ride to get a unique perspective of Lanai’s vast terrain. Build a sand castle and explore the tide pools of Hulopoe Bay. Or simply splash in the pool or take part in the various activities at Lanai’s fine resorts.

Lanai Adventures

Start your adventure on Lanai by renting a 4-wheel drive vehicle and heading up the Munro Trail. True adventurers can hike this rigorous 11-mile trail up Lanaihale for a commanding view of five other islands on a clear day. Get back on Manele Road and head south to the spectacular Hulopoe Bay for snorkeling and sunbathing. Then 4-wheel drive back onto the rocky road leading you to Kaiolohia, also known as Shipwreck Beach. Hike along this 8-mile stretch of beach and see the husk of a tanker ship claimed by the reef. From there, the open road leads you onward. Whether it’s hiking to Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) or clay shooting in Central Lanai, all roads lead to adventure on Lanai.

Heritage Sites of Lanai

Heritage Sites of Hawaii are special places located throughout the islands that provide significant historical, cultural and environmental contributions to the understanding and enjoyment of Hawaii. Whether it’s a unique natural wonder or a sacred place that encapsulates Native Hawaiian customs, beliefs and practices; these are the sites that are “must see” destinations that have been visited by the people of Hawaii for generations.

Lanai Romance

Getting this far away only brings you closer. From its landscapes to its legends, romance is in the air on Lanai. Next to Hulopoe Bay is Puu Pehe, or Sweetheart Rock. The legend of Puu Pehe tells of the death of Pehe, the wife of a Lanai warrior. Her heartbroken husband buried her at the top of Puu Pehe then jumped from the 80-foot summit to the surf below, unable to shoulder his sorrow. This palpable mystique that surrounds Lanai makes every treasured moment you spend with your loved one just a little more romantic.

Lanai Ecotourism

Besides the island’s resort areas, much of Lanai remains the way it looked hundreds of years ago. Of course, Cook pines and the remains of pineapple fields remain in Central Lanai, but there are special spots off the beaten path that can transport you back in time. Visit the Kanepuu Preserve and take a self-guided tour featuring 48 species of endemic Hawaiian plants.

Lanai Arts & Culture

Early Hawaiians didn’t inhabit Lanai until the sixteenth century. And today, its population is that of a small town. You can experience the intimate atmosphere of Lanai by taking a stroll around Dole Park in Lanai City, browsing the shops and eating at its local restaurants. Most people living on Lanai are descended from plantation workers who first came here when the “Pineapple Island” was the world’s largest pineapple exporter. Ranching was also a key part of Lanai’s past adding to the rustic feel of destinations like the Hotel Lanai and the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele.

Lanai Honeymoons

Lanai’s isolation and tranquility make it the perfect honeymoon destination. With little or no crowds, personalized service and acres of unspoiled beauty, Lanai can make you feel like this intimate island was made for the both of you.

Lanai Golf

On this modest island, you’ll find two golf courses of remarkable prestige. The Koele Golf Course is an 18-hole championship course designed by legends Greg Norman and Ted Robinson. Along the southern coast, Jack Nicklaus created one of his most famous masterpieces, Manele Golf Course. Both tracks rank among the best resort courses in Hawaii and the world by leading publications and travel guides.

Full list of Lanai golf courses:

  • Manele Golf Course
  • Cavendish Golf Course
  • Koele Golf Course